Import and export of products with efficiency, safety and significantly reduced operating costs.

OutsourcingWhich is?

Importing and exporting goods requires technical knowledge of customs processes and legislation. The outsourcing of the foreign trade sector will bring greater security to your business and effective reduction of operating costs, making the company competitive in the international and national markets.

With CSA Comex, your entire import and export process is carried out by our team of specialists, meeting the expectations of the contracting company, performing an efficient partnership with your company's business.

The outsourcing of import processes includes:

  • Operational management from origin to final destination / delivery;
  • Supplier development;
  • Import cost feasibility study;
  • Documentation relevant to the process;
  • Sample approval;
  • Exchange;
  • Logistics and transport;
  • Coordination of shipment of goods abroad;
  • Customs clearance in Brazil.

The outsourcing of export processes includes:

  • Identification and development of potential customers;
  • Issuance of all documents and records relevant to the export process;
  • Assistance in the formation of export prices;
  • Foreign exchange operations management;
  • Analysis of the legislation and taxation of the product to be exported;
  • Identification of the treatment of consenting and regulatory bodies for the product to be exported;
  • International logistics and transport;
  • Coordination of export customs clearance.

OutsourcingFor whom?

Indicated for companies that do not have a foreign trade sector, outsourcing brings security, cost reduction for the company and excellence in operations.


  • Team specialized in foreign trade

    We have a team with technical knowledge in all stages of the processes and differentiated know-how, complying with customs legislation, capable of carrying out the planned activities and executing your import process with quality and efficiency.

  • Transparency and Seriousness

    We care for the confidentiality of your operations, and we value trust in the services extended to your company, that's why we act with transparency and seriousness, in all stages of the import process.

  • Reduce operating costs

    When transferring the management of import operations to our specialized and committed team, the cost-benefit ratio of outsourcing is evidenced by lower costs compared to those necessary to form an internal team to carry out the same activities.

  • Prioritizes technical investments

    We are a service provider that invests in the qualification of our team to maintain the technical differential for the fulfillment of foreign trade operations, updating itself systematically in the laws that govern Brazilian foreign trade.

  • Focus on your company's business and strategy

    The outsourcing of import operations helps keep managers focused on their business, dedicating themselves to the business and strategy of your company. In addition to optimizing the time of managers and professionals, as the operational procedures for importing are now fully carried out by CSA Comex.

    In this way, your company's human capital can be directed to really important and strategic tasks related to the segment in which your company operates.


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