Account and order of third

We act as an intermediary importer, which your company remains as the owner and final purchaser of the imported product. We manage all the steps and procedures necessary for the import to happen with quality and efficiency.

Account and order of thirdWhich is?

Import on behalf of third parties is a service offered by CSA Comex, where we promote customs clearance on the import of goods purchased by your company through TTD - Differentiated Tax Treatment, granted to our company with a significant reduction in the ICMS tax rate and tax gain on the operation.

As an importer, we manage all the necessary steps of your import, executing with:

  • Analysis of import administrative procedures;
  • Tax analysis and gains;
  • Hiring of the inherent logistics for the execution of the entire process and final delivery;
  • Conference and identification of documents to comply with the import operation and Brazilian customs legislation;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Customs clearance management;
  • Operational management until the delivery of the goods in your company.

Account and order of thirdFor whom?

Suitable for any type of tax framework of companies interested in importing goods.

Account and order of thirdBenefits

  • Reduction of final import cost

  • Reduction of financial disbursement with taxes in the act of clearance of goods in Brazilian customs

  • Import outsourcing

    Our specialized team will carry out and assume all operational and customs procedures so that the nationalized merchandise arrives at your company ready for its related purpose.

Account and order of third

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