Import advice

Assistance in import processes and procedures, as well as study and identification of specific customs legislation for its segment and product.

Import adviceWhich is?

The import of goods requires technical knowledge of the processes and even the customs legislation in force in our country. Through import advice, we act as a facilitator of international business, bringing security and optimizing the processes of import and export.

We prepare all the planning and assist your company in all stages of the import operation.

Import adviceFor whom?

Foreign trade advice is indicated for companies importing goods in general, as well as we have worked in the machinery and equipment segment. We elaborate the planning of the importation stages, through the study of customs legislation and estimation of importation costs, among other services related to importation, as identification of the application of special customs regimes that aim to significantly reduce the final cost of its importation.

Import adviceBenefits

  • Optimize import processes

    Through the analysis and planning of the import steps, study of the customs legislation, effectively reduces the operational costs inherent to the import process that identified and scored can be readjusted.

  • Safety and Effectiveness

    Identification and adaptation to customs requirements, avoiding fines or delays in the delivery of goods. Identification of the treatment of consenting and regulatory bodies to the product to be imported.

  • Special import regimes: reduction of direct costs

    Import operations can benefit from the reduction or even exemption from taxes inherent to import through the frameworks and application of special customs regimes to their operation.

Import advice

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