CSA Comex

CSA Comex

Specialized in exporting and importing products and services.

About us

CSA Comex is a company specialized in export and import. We work with seriousness and transparency, offering customers the opportunity to buy and sell products and services in the international market.

We believe that all companies must have access to the world of international business, so we offer all the support necessary to make this possible.

We operate in the management and operation of export and import, through advising on foreign trade and outsourcing your company's processes.


Assist the exporter and the importer in carrying out international trade, providing the opportunity to take and bring your product, and facilitating your access to the world of international business.


Become a reference of integrity and competence for international trade, providing satisfaction and profitability to our customers.


Seriousness, Honesty, Transparency and Excellence in the quality of the services provided.